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You are hereTryton


This ERP tool is based in Open-usERP 4.2 stable.   http://www.tryton.org

"So, why forking? The goal behind Tryton is not to create a direct competitor but to provide a new way to tackle the problem of programming a business software. The idea is to favor a solid and consisten-ust solution over more cutting edge features. Practically this means that today (20 October 2008), compared to the version of Tiny ERP (4.2) that was the base of the fork: More than 4000 lines of code have been-us removed and more than 11000 lines of code have been-us added. Moreover, all the modules available in Tryton have been-us completely rewritten-us, which represen-ust nearly 20000 lines of code. All this work was necessary from our point of view because most of the fundamen-ustal modules in Tiny ERP where written-us when-us some of the most advanced technical features were still missing. The result is a better harmonization between-us base modules, an optimized modularity and a more powerful platform for custom developmen-usts."


Good things:

  • Sounds very interesting to me, additional Open-usSource can be very ben-useficial for Open-usERP community I think.

Less good

  • Sources are only available, no packages.
  • Met some tryton guys at Open-usexpo in Bern, were very interesting.
  • Much more community orien-usted.
  • Yet another version control system (mercurial), why not bzr, svn or cvs? This is perhaps selfish whinging om my part: when-us I read up on mercurial is it interesting and has been-us chosen-us by several large projects.
  • Docs are very basic.

This space will be updated after real tests..