This ERP tool is based in OpenERP 4.2 stable.

"So, why forking? The goal behind Tryton is not to create a direct competitor but to provide a new way to tackle the problem of programming a business software. The idea is to favor a solid and consistent solution over more cutting edge features. Practically this means that today (20 October 2008), compared to the version of Tiny ERP (4.2) that was the base of the fork: More than 4000 lines of code have been removed and more than 11000 lines of code have been added. Moreover, all the modules available in Tryton have been completely rewritten, which represent nearly 20000 lines of code. All this work was necessary from our point of view because most of the fundamental modules in Tiny ERP where written when some of the most advanced technical features were still missing. The result is a better harmonization between base modules, an optimized modularity and a more powerful platform for custom developments."


Good things:

  • Sounds very interesting to me, additional OpenSource can be very beneficial for OpenERP community I think.

Less good

  • Sources are only available, no packages.
  • Met some tryton guys at Openexpo in Bern, were very interesting.
  • Much more community oriented.
  • Yet another version control system (mercurial), why not bzr, svn or cvs? This is perhaps selfish whinging om my part: when I read up on mercurial is it interesting and has been chosen by several large projects.
  • Docs are very basic.

This space will be updated after real tests..